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Week 11

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Week 11


Weight gain is a major concern to a lot of women during pregnancy. Generally we say that the average pregnant woman gains approximately 1 kilo a month during the first trimester. Some women will actually lose weight and be perfectly fine, particularly if they were ill. Some will gain no weight whatsoever, while others will gain 5 kilos. There is no strict rule on how many kilos a pregnant mother should gain; the key is a healthy diet. Your focus should be on nutrition rather than weight. Despite folklore, you are not eating for two, but you should make everything you eat count. You will only need about 300-500 calories extra a day while you are pregnant. Make sure you eat regularly, drink plenty of fluids, get adequate sleep and keep stress levels to a minimum.


Pictures of your foetus at this stage will show that the head is about 1/2 of the body size. This will change as the baby grows. This week the iris will begin to develop and finger nails appear! The liver, intestines, brain and lungs are beginning to function on their own. Your baby weighs about 7 grams.


Be sure to attend to most, if not all, of her prenatal appointments. Such visits are a great way to be involved in the pregnancy. It will also ease the tension and excitement that your pregnant lover might be feeling.

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